Glen Ellen Church Spared

On Sunday night, October 8th,  the skies around Glen Ellen became ablaze with fire.  Originally coming from the East, the little town was attacked viciously by 60 mpg wind gusts and fires which blew embers hundreds of yards forward.  The little town of Glen Ellen was under siege.  San Francisco Fire Dept Truck 72 and others, under the leadership of Lt. Bendetti (sp) decided that in order to save the town, they were first going to need to save the church and to save the church, they needed to save the parsonage standing between the church and the wall of flames. 
They fought, and they fought, and when the fighting was done, the little church and its grounds were saved, as were the house next door to the church and the house next door to the parsonage.  Most off the rest of the structures on Warm Springs Road and O’Donnell lane were lost.  Many thanks to the hard work of our first responders – especially to Lt. Bendetti and his crew, and to neighbor Rick Dunham who not only fought the fire with the firefighters, but stayed to make sure the church and the parsonage are safe.  
In the attached photos, the green house is next to the church which is on the corner of O’Donnell Lane and Henno Rd.  Rubble is the rest of the residents of O’Donnell Lane.