Current Preaching Series: 2 Peter

“Guarding the Truth,” Peter’s Second Epistle

After completing Peter’s first Epistle on the hope that every Christian has in Christ Jesus, Pastor Jim is moving on through Peter’s second Epistle – because there is a significant need in the world today for direction and for clear truth according to real knowledge. This need even applies to life’s most ordinary situations. For example, if someone stopped you on the street and asked for directions to a particular place, your answer best be clear, accurate and in accordance to real knowledge, or you are providing no help to the one who is asking. More importantly, what holds true in the mundane things of life, is magnified beyond measure when the more difficult questions of life arise – questions pertaining to life and death. If we are to travel through life and gain entrance into God’s eternal Kingdom, we need straightforward instructions. Peter’s letter is written to establish, strengthen, and stabilize Christians in the true knowledge of God.

Enter, those who would advocate a different gospel, a more accommodating one that is in the world around us and is based on a knowledge from a different sort. This different gospel is all around us – and is pushing and pulling us in all kinds of directions, energized by all who want their brand affirmed, and able to be branded as legitimate. What do we do when that happens? How do we respond? How do we know the difference from “their” gospel, and the Gospel based on the Scriptures?

These are some of the questions which will be answered as we journey through the next 8 weeks – delving deep into the intent and teaching of Peter’s second Epistle. Come and join us at Glen Ellen Community Church – beginning April 12, 2015. Our worship service begins at 10:00 and all are welcome.

Trip to Jelly Belly Factory

Group of Jelly Belly enthusiasts!

Group of Jelly Belly enthusiasts!

On January 27th, eleven of the faithful ventured out into that always-off-limits world of candy – and what a great time we had! Leader Brenda Hill bought “Skunk-Spray”- flavored jelly beans and required us all to have a taste and it was like rinsing our mouths out with skunk. But, she redeemed herself when she had us all taste “Buttered Popcorn,” which melted in our mouths. All in all, our trip to Fairfield was a grand experience and we all came home clamering for more.

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