New Preaching Series: Hope: It’s Nearer Than you Think

Preaching Series Has Hope

Beginning with an introduction on the Apostle Peter on January 11th, Pastor Jim will begin a new preaching series on the book of First Peter titled: “Hope, It’s Nearer Than You Think,” beginning January 18th. The Apostle writes to a church that was undergoing persecution during the first century and, as such, has many things to say to us today about living a life of hope in difficult times. Five times, the Apostle mentions the subject of “hope” in his first Epistle giving us clear principles for living above the circumstances we are faced with on an everyday basis. A subtitle for this series might be “Living the Life,” because the Apostle speaks to Christians everywhere on what living one’s life as a child of the Savior looks like. What does it mean to live under persecution? How do we relate to the authorities over us? How should husbands and wives live together before the Lord. Practical, clear, and understandable are the everyday lessons we can learn from this study.

In addition, Glen Ellen Community Church presents weekly “Digging Deeper” Bible Studies on the same subject matter and these will begin January 20th in Oakmont, and 21st in Glen Ellen in the Parsonage at 6:30 pm. The previous Sunday’s message is discussed only at a “Deeper” level as we seek to understand what God’s Word has to say to all of us personally. For more information, please contact Pastor Jim at 996-1479.

Pastor Jim & Brenda Celebrate 7 Years at GECC

jim and bren 7 years

Jim and Brenda greeting folks as they were leaving GECC in September

This past Sunday, the congregation made note of Pastor Jim and Brenda’s 7 years

of service at Glen Ellen Community Church. During a brief time of marking this

event, pastor Jim said, “Brenda and I are so grateful to our Lord for bringing us to this

wonderful little church. We count it a privilege to be her in service to our Lord.” The Congregation affirmed this assertion and many congratulations were said in the ensuing fellowship time together.

Church Anniversary – 120 Years Young!

Glen Ellen Community Celebrates 120 Years

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, the church gathered and recounted our history as a church first gathering together to worship Jesus Christ in 1894 here in the hamlet of Glen Ellen.  We heard that after incorporating and doing a bit of organizing and establishing an initial membership of 14 individuals, supporters of Glen Ellen Congregational Church began to look for a location to build a facility.  Doctor and Mrs. C. C. O’Donnell donated the land across from Sonoma creek and construction began on April 2, 1895 and work was completed June 9th, two months later.

After recounting our history together and showing the old photos of members and friends of Glen Ellen from years past, we lifted up our voices, singing some of our favorite songs and hymns, and then adjourned to an afternoon of food, fellowship and fun at a member’s home – recounting how grateful we were that our Lord has allowed Glen Ellen Community church to be a blessing for another year.  And should the Lord tarry, may she serve Him for another 120 years.

1911-Inside of church, looking toward front door

Inside of Church 1911

1911-Mayflower Hall, cropped

Maflower Hall 1911


GECC Congregation 1094-05

1911 Church

Glen Ellen Church 1911

The Story-The Bible As One Continuing Story of God and His People

the story crown

Week 30 – Sep 21, 2014 – Chapter 30

We are almost finished with our 31 weeks to walk through the Scriptures in a chronological order in a series titled “The Story.”  As Pastor Jim stated recently, “For Christians, while the Bible is central to our faith, many people are intimidated by its scope and size. 

Therefore, we would like to bring this 31 week preaching series to the Sonoma Valley so that everyone can understand God’s story and how their own story intersects with it.”

 While the Bible is the best-selling book in history, a 2008 “Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life” study found that only 16 percent of Americans read the Bible every day.  Glen Ellen Community Church is hoping to increase this percentage by handing out copies of The Story, a best seller by Zondervan, consisting of carefully-selected scriptures sequenced in chronological order and presented in an engaging format, like reading a novel.  On Sunday mornings, Pastor Jim will preach on the truth found in each 8-9 page chapter.

Thank you to all of you who’ve investigated with us the incredible love God has for them and how their story is found in God’s story by joining the church for this series.  

Glen Ellen Community Church is located at 5311 O’Donnell Lane in Glen Ellen.  For more information, Pastor Jim can be reached at 996-1479.

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Glen Ellen Community Church

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Welcome to the website of Historic Glen Ellen Community Church.  We are a group of people who are seeking to pursue God and make Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives through the study of God’s Word, through our worship of Him as Lord of all, and in our efforts to be a blessing to those around us.  We believe that as we gather on Sundays, our time is a Spiritual environment of belonging and expectation in community, so that each week when we leave, our hearts respond quickly with “surely the Lord was in this place.”

Pastor Jim Hill

It is our prayer that as you review this site, you will see us and want to get to know us more.  It is our prayer that your life will be most blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus Christ and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty in Him.  Come and join us as we worship the living God.Sincerely in Christ,

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